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Fees statement and informed financial consent

There is a fee payable on the day of consultation as scheduled below, part of which is able to be recouped from medicare. Approved workcover, Australian Defence Force personnel and DVA patients generally have no fee payable.

Initial Consultation (pension)                    $300 ($250)
Subsequent consultation (pension)            $140  ($120)
Postoperative period                                    No charge

Reports                          Enquire within - most according to gazetted AMA rates

Copies of files:                A fee will apply to provide a single document with a further fee                                                                for complete copy of the records. Any application should be in writing to:                                                info@backneck.com.au

N.B. Dr Zotti will no longer fill in documentation for the 'Disability support pension', 'Total and permanent Disability' or 'compassionate release of superannuation funds' for non-operative patients as a practice policy - If this is the predominant reason for your requested appointment we strongly advise you to cancel and seek alternate referral to prevent disappointment.

National disability support scheme paperwork will be considered for patients well known to Dr Zotti (i.e. not at first meeting). Total and permanent disability for operated patients will be considered on a case-case basis as to appropriateness and will attract a fee depending on the superannuation provider.

There are specialists accredited in impairment assessment who are more appropriate for impairment assessments.