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Adult spinal disorders

- Spinal health 

- Pain interventions

- Degenerative disorders

- Emergency conditions

General Orthopaedic Trauma

About Dr. Zotti

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Dr Zotti is an Australian dual spinal fellowship trained orthopaedic and spinal (back/neck) surgeon and an honorary adjunct assistant professor at Bond University. He is experienced in surgical and non-surgical management of common lumbar (back) and cervical (neck) conditions and has contributed to scientific advancements for these conditions. He also has experience in the management of general orthopaedic trauma.

Dr Zotti focuses on achieving positive outcomes for your treatment. He combines evidence and expertise with the appropriate and available modern treatment options canvassed to meet your goals and expectations. Equally, if he feels that interventions will be unlikely to achieve your goals or expectations he will advise you of this. Dr Zotti is one of the few spinal surgeons in Australia with a significant experience in the full range of currently available procedural and open surgical techniques for spinal conditions - this allows minor and major techniques to be applied to your condition where appropriate that range from percutaneous pain techniques and injections, state of the art pain interventional options (e.g. Disc biacuplasty, basivertebral nerve ablation, spinal cord stimulation and multifidus restorative stimulation), minimally invasive decompressive options ranging to spinal reconstruction / fusion and disc replacement.

To read more about Dr Zotti's training, academic interests, publications, memberships and achievements please visit the biography section.

Away from work, Dr Zotti is married with 3 children. He enjoys family time, most sports (particularly 'football'), renovation, gardening, jet and snow-skiing, travel, history, movies and gastronomy. 


Violetta Zotti

L.L.B. (Hons) L.P. B.oH

Practice Manager

B A C K / N E C K


Conditions Treated

Lumbar and cervical spinal stenosis

Degenerative disc disease of and sacroiliac dysfunction

Adult spinal deformity

Modern and evidence-based spinal and Orthopaedic surgery

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